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Jamaican Stone The Ultimate Delaying Solution For Men!
The all natural herbal remedy that’s combats and puts an end to premature ejaculation.
Keep a Stonger, more Powerful and Longer erection!
Please be carefull many fake stone in the world.

Reseller Price:

0.3g $6/pcs      
1g $20/pcs
2g $30/pcs
3g $40/pcs

We have limited promo for
1g $10/pcs
2g $19/pcs
3g $29/pcs
Min quantity 100pcs.
Each stone you can get profit min 300% some reseller min get profit 500% -900% depend in their country.
(Each stone can profit until $200/pcs).

0.3g reseller sell $19.99-$29.99
1g reseller sell $49.99-$89.99
2g reseller sell $99.99-$149.99
3g reseller sell $159.99-$229.99
We suggest you stock 3 size (@100pcs), so buyer can choose.

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Sex is very big niche in the world.

Example like Domain AfroBlackstone.Com $10.69/year
Hosting 50Gb US Datacenter $78.88/year
Hosting 50Gb UK Datacenter $90.88/year
WhoisGuard (Keep your personal information private) $2.88/year

We suggest use hosting US Datacenter, more cheaper.
1.Build your namecard (put your website there too).
2.Build your brand in the all of social media like Facebook, Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Linkedin, Snapchat, Google+, etc.
3.Put your namecard in the public service like museum, pub, hotel, etc. Always branding your brand to other people.
4.Find reseller as many as you can. Contact your friend around the world, ask them want be reseller?

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