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You may be surprised to hear that most women aren’t looking for the body or staying power of a professional movie star. In fact, if you can go all night we’re going to think there’s something wrong with us. The scenes you see in online videos are acting, not real […]

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed?

Want to stop tossing and turning in your sleep? Having sex before you hit the sack may be the fix, according to new research. After surveying 460 people between 18 and 70 years old. Michele Lastella, Ph.D., a sleep researcher at Central Queensland University’s Appleton Institute for Behavioral Science in […]

Sex Before Bed Is Good For Better Night’s Sleep

premature ejaculation
Concerned you’re not lasting long enough in the bedroom? Your waist size may be one of the reasons behind your early blastoff, research in the International Journal of Impotence Research suggests. In the study of 100 men, the researchers determined that that those with a waist measurement above 40 inches were more than […]

Premature Ejaculation Skyrockets

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Looking For A Great Business Opportunity?

You probably didn’t need a study to tell you this, but research confirms that sex is one of the most crucial ingredients to making long-term relationships thrive. Early on, feeling sexy and passionate isn’t hard but things can get trickier as the years go on. Hoping to bust out of […]

Big Mistakes Couples Make In Bed

We look through hundreds of studies every week, and we’re always impressed at some of the strange stuff scientists spend time and money researching. For example, Swiss researchers recently wanted to explore whether women think guys with surgically corrected hyposadias—a birth defect in which your meatus, or urethral opening, is […]

Is Your Penis Good Looking?

If you learned a killer new workout that made your body feel incredible, you’d likely share it with your friends. But when it comes to sex, men aren’t as likely to trade tips. And that’s a shame. So we’ll get the sharing party started: After chatting with sexologists and pouring […]

How To Make Your Orgasm Better?
When it comes to sex, bigger is NOT always better. At least, not for every position or maneuver. The good news is that you can experience maximum pleasure with the right person, regardless of what you’re working with. See four different sex positions, tailored to perfection for four different types […]

The Best Sex Positions for Every Penis Size

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